The Dancing Universe would like to invite you to.....


Wild & Free Expression on the dance floor


What: An open dance floor for those times in life when you just need to DANCE to some awesome MUSIC and be WILD and FREE! The 1 hour session that consists of a warm up set, a grounding beginning to your dance and pure uninterrupted music that invites your body and soul to move exactly as it desires. There will be a wide variety of music on offer in a breath taking location to help ease you into your body, your rhythm and your untamed expression!

Why: To dance your day, your heart, your joy and your frustrations, until you feel human, stress free , liberated and happy!

The space is held as safe and sacred and the dance process is guided, but there is no choreography, no shoes, no drink or drugs, no judgments.

Please read the Rules Of Respect before attending this event. When the sacred space, ourselves and each other are totally honoured, it leads to the most deep, pure, wild and liberated experience!


The Dancing Universe invites you to...

Nature Adventures

What: Nature is the best dance floor and place to feel fully alive free and remember what life is all about!

The Dancing Universe loves of offer different types of adventures, classes and retreats in nature to give you more of YOU and show you just how magical, beautiful and connected life can feel.

Why: To see life from a vaster perspective, so learn from the wisdom and simplicity of nature, to fill yourself up on the healing, nourishing and energising medicine of the natural world.