The Dancing Universe offers 1 to 1 journeys that are specifically formatted to unfold at your pace in support of what it is you need to shift, change, heal, confront and liberate within yourself and your life.

Through a variety of different forms of expression I will offer you support and guidance to uncover the root of your anxiety, your fear, your inhibitions, your unhealthy patterns and life choices and show you ways to heal, transform and free yourself from it.

The purpose of this is to create a sanctuary, your sanctuary, a space that is yours to rely upon, to dive into, to trust as a source of truth.

This is where you can turn to as an outlet for your emotions, your frustrations and your sadness, this is a space where you can find the answers to your questions, this is where you can transform your trauma and suffering into freedom and and liberation. This is where you can come to love and accept yourself. This is your place to just just totally be you.

This is where you can come to enjoy, celebrate and love being you.

I will use a vast array of yoga, dance, meditation, music and creative expression to invite you to explore yourself, your feelings, your ultimate truth, passions and purpose.

We must heal ourselves to free ourselves!

In life we get lost, we forget, we loose sense of self, of our integrity, of our innocence, our wildness, our power and our purpose...

This is created to lead you back to yourself, to feeling inspired, to re connect every day to what matters...this is a journey to nurture your human nature and your soul purpose. 

This is your journey of naked truth.

I would be honoured to help you along the way.

Based on what I feel you need and I feel is appropriate, your journey could involve these practices...

Expressive Flow Yoga
Move Your World
Voice/sound work
Creative visualisation
Dance Your Naked Truth
Deepen Your Naked Truth
Set Fire To Your Naked Truth
Paint Your Naked Truth
Skype/phone/email support
Self practice to complete in between sessions

Each session is held with a safe and sacred space. Please see Rules Of Respect


Series 1

6 sessions ~ 1.5hrs each

+ Skype/phone/email support



Series 2

10 sessions ~1.5hrs each

+ Skype/phone/email support



Series 3

14 sessions~1.5hrs each

+Skype/phone/email support



Extra costs may apply for materials for particular practices and travel and venue hire.