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“Dear Cloe, thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t thank you enough for allowing me into your world and opening up a whole new realm of opportunities, adventures and discoveries. I’ve woken up this morning with a huge smile on my face – the feeling that I’ve experienced something that none of the people around me or who I’m going to encounter today never will. Last night was truly wonderful and put me in a space that I hoped existed but wasn’t sure I’d ever reach. It opened up doors from the past that I feared were locked forever and allowed me a glimpse of what can be achieved when you surround yourself by energy, love and beautiful people. And as if that weren’t enough, you played one of my all-time favourite tracks. When I got on the train yesterday afternoon to come down to Brighton, I wondered what I was doing. Now I know that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”
— Andrew, Bristol
I stepped into a class with Cloe and my life changed forever. Her loving energy, open heart, and sweet, radiant playfulness are music to my soul. She has a unique way of challenging and inspiring people to be more in their bodies, in the moment, and enjoying every bit of it. I have a yoga practice. I’ve been to ecstatic dance gatherings. Cloe’s class is everything I love about both. As someone who has difficulty expressing in dance outside of structured forms, I was surprised to find that within the space she created, I felt no hesitation to explore beyond my movement comfort zone. She gets you centered, then guides you on a journey of discovery, awakening, and joyful celebration focused on self love and expression of self as love. I find my creativity, self-expression, exuberance, and intuition blossoming in her presence.
— Colleen Sollars, Berkeley, USA


Thank you Cloe for creating such a uniquely beautiful space! DYNT is a truly amazing event and each time I attend, I feel like I have been transported to a totally different world, far away from the stresses and routines of everyday life. I would strongly encourage anyone thinking about coming along for the first time to cast aside any doubts they may have and experience for themselves the pure joy and liberation that is DYNT. - PaulGlastonbury

I just wanted to say a big thank you for a very special and memorable evening last night. Although I must admit, I was rather nervous and apprehensive beforehand, it dawned on me that your event and your supportive guidance allowed me to express myself and be myself in a way that I’ve wished to be able to do all my life. It was a truly liberating experience. So thank you for that precious gift.
-Richard, London

I love your approach. I felt very comfortable, supported, loved, free, natural and nurtured whilst being there. It felt so 'normal' and safe to be naked and vulnerable in front of others. I felt less insecure about my body shape, whether I was too chubby, too pale, too shy or reserved, whether my genitals were the right shape and size, whether I was attractive, beautiful, masculine enough,in the 'correct' proportion.

I felt more secure about the way I move my body and held my posture.

I didn't need to try to meet perceived or real expectations of what is beautiful or 'normal' or sexy.

I didn't need to feel inadequate, because I wasn't toned or muscular or tanned with thick healthy youthful hair and skin.

I could explore my issues, reevaluate them, transform them and perceive them differently.

I loved the focus on the spiritual aspect of who we really are, our connections with each other, the earth, the cosmos,that our perceptions and even our 'physical' bodies are illusionary and that the only truth is our expression of the beauty of love with ourselves, each other and with everything.

I loved the opportunities to share some of your practices like hoola hooping and acro yoga and the opportunity to express and explore myself in other ways through creativity and being wild, free and daring.  Your work really is a portal to infinite possibilities of being alive and living. - Sam, Gloucester. 

Motionless on the virgin forest floor, eyes closed and breathing in the sound of the trees. Guided into meditation and into a deep state of relaxation. A powerful energy wrapped my body like a blanket, heavy and warm. We are asked to stand and dance to the music. To dance freely and naturally. Apprehension steals my relaxation, nervous to dance naked in front of strangers. Twenty of them. I was going to dance naked in front of twenty strangers. I questioned why I decided to do this and craved to be back in the Secret Forum listening to a poet or an author, someone else exposing themselves, making themselves vulnerable in front of others, instead of me. The gentle and comforting sound of the teachers voice mixed with the music playing loudly, relaxed me once again. We were
asked to embrace another person, whoever it was that we gravitated towards. An oldish man walked towards me, arms open wide and smiling eyes. He hugged me like he knew me completely, like he hadn’t seen me in years, and was happy to be reunited at last. The hug was strong and long. Longer than I have ever hugged anyone. We are told that we will be working through the seven chakras, releasing limitation with each chakra, and shedding a layer of clothing, if we choose to. As if our clothes were drenched in limitations
such as regret, fear and so on. Slowly the limitations were released from our minds and from our bodies. Gradually our bodies were exposed to the forest and to each other. We danced naturally and not to the rhythm of the music. I lay on the forest floor, naked as the day I was born, with a clear mind and completely and utterly relaxed. My insecurities about my belly from eating a lot of papas fritas; my chunky thighs and culo gordo, disappeared. We continued to remove layers, one at a time, until we were all completely naked and dancing. Some people danced, some hugged, some lay on the ground and looked peaceful, and some people did head stands and cartwheels. We did whatever we felt like in the moment without thinking and without caring. I walked away from the forest without ruining the moment with words. A feeling of calm and craziness. I just danced naked. It made me laugh. Tiredness hit me like waves when it’s a full moon. A natural come down I guess.

One last thing to say, about that day…… if you are scared, do it anyway.
— Charm Carder, http://thisishowitsoundsinmyhead.blogspot.co.uk/