The Dancing Universe is all about breaking free of the RULES that society often limits us with, but this RULE is the one that must be FULLY RESPECTED if you want to join The Dancing Universe community and any of its offerings.

Respect the Sacred Space/Ground

The healing, transformational, sacredness of the space MUST be respected. This is VITAL. Treat it like the most LOVED and HONOURED divine mother you can imagine.

This space is where you come to feel, to confront, to be held, accepted, to dance, to listen, to take great care of it.

The same care must also be taken of each other. You MUST respect and honour the boundaries within yourself and of every person on the dance floor.

When we are able to take full responsibility for all of our emotions, to be with them fully in the guided and supported ways The Dancing Universe offers its practices, we give each other the gift of trust of ease, that you do not need to put up your barriers of protection against anyone on the dance floor. This happens way to much in this world, and this space is created to free ourselves from this! I have seen so much tainted sexual messiness and misconceptions around sexual energy and nakedness in the world and at various events, this is an offering to move away from all of that!!  

There is NO space for sexual contact. If you discover an attraction between yourself and another, whether it is one sided or mutual, this is NOT a problem....LOVE and SEXUALITY is beautiful when expressed in the appropriate ways and spaces.

If you have a genuine desire to explore with another in this way then do it outside of this sacred space. The purpose of this space is to heal, liberate, empower and grow through the expression of dance, yoga, sound, art and creativity, NOT sexual contact.

This intention of the space is to discover the innate innocence and divine wildness of your naked truth.

If you come along to The Dancing Universe events, you MUST respect this, if anyone does not, you will be asked to leave immediately.

Please also arrive freshly showered. Clean energy and bodies are part of honouring the sacred space.

How To Deal With Sexual Energy if it Comes up

It is not a crime to feel desire or attraction...although, often in life this energy can blur all other elements of wisdom, awareness and integrity and take over as a driving force and get us in trouble.

It can be the reason that our pure intentions get tainted.

So, if this comes up, I do not expect you to repress it, quite the opposite, I invite you to feel it, on your own, in your own space, to dance it, move with it, look at it, and own it as your sexual energy instead of projecting it or trying to act upon it with another person.

It is all you! What you feel is you. 

Form your own relationship with your sexual energy, with your body, with yourself, not just the ones you have with other people in order to feel and know yourself. They have their place too, and to reflect and connect on the dance floor with another person is revealing and powerful, but this one, where you find, feel, relate to yourself is the most important one and where all other relationships, connections and interactions can grow from.

This is where you find self love, acceptance, healing and true liberation.

This is what I want for you.

And this is why I create these sacred spaces with this rules of respect and these forms of expression to guide you towards a life of living honestly, innocently, wildly and freely.

I am devoted to this.