The Dancing Universe would like to invite you to...


This is YOUR dance floor...

Guided and held by Cloe Jackson  with live drumming and singing from the Michelle Crozier

What: A liberating free-form dance experience to move your world. The dance floor is laid out in sections of nature, planets, emotion and mystery and the dance journey takes you on an adventure to release all that get between you and your right to freely express yourself in the world. We will explore the blocks and lines of separation that keep us from knowing and experiencing the body, breath, soul and cosmos, all in connection, all dancing as one. This is your opportunity to peel away the layers between you and your untamed naked soul, without even taking your clothes off.

The space is held as safe and sacred and the dance process is guided, but there is no choreography, no shoes, no drink or drugs, no judgments.

Please read the Rules Of Respect before attending this event. When the sacred space, ourselves and each other are totally honoured, it leads to the most deep, pure, wild and liberated experience! 


Why: Do you want to liberate yourself from feeling stuck, isolated and repressed?

Do you want to experience your full potential?

Do you want to feel connected and at peace with the world you live in?

Do you want to feel wild and free?


The Dancing Universe is waiting for you...


The Dancing Universe would like to invite you to...


Feel Good Flows

What: Expressive Flow Yoga classes offer you a full spectrum practice to explore different postures and sequences in gentle, nourishing, restorative, dynamic and creative ways.

Each class is created in the moment to serve your needs based on how you are feeling. Whether you need to ease tension from your shoulders, restore your energy levels or feel inspired and motivated...this is YOUR time to feel good about yourself.

These sessions create space within to really let you experience what is happening at your own pace, guiding you to awaken your senses, be excited by yourself and follow your impulses.

The sequences have been created to allow you to get carried away with inward satisfaction, playing on the harmonious edge of structure and spontaneity to open new pathways and possibilities for yourself.
This class is set to a variety of music genres that invite you to rhythmically explore the power and delights of your body.

Why: To strengthen, stretch, relax and let go of the stresses of everyday life that appear in your body on a physical, emotional and energetic level. To encourage inner connection, acceptance, spontaneous movement and surrender. This is a sanctuary for you to feel more human and connected to yourself and your life again!