The purpose of The Dancing Universe is to create safe and sacred sanctuaries for you to express yourself freely and connect to your ultimate truth. It is an invitation to return to your natural state of untamed innocence and wildness. 

The Dancing Universe is an invitation to colour the world with love, laughter, liberation and every unique expression of naked truth!

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There are 5 Core Themes; The Naked Truth, Move Your World, Healing, Escape and Untamed all of which make up The Dancing Universe to serve its purpose. Within each theme there are many different practices and events which are all in support of each other, and all are connected with the intention of healing you, freeing you and liberating please explore, experience and enjoy whatever it is you are looking for.......




                               Sri Lankan Safari                                     April 2017

                               Sri Lankan Safari
                                    April 2017

                             Details coming soon                                                 2017

                             Details coming soon

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