Dance Your Naked Truth

It is a very curious thing meeting people for the first time while knowing you will end up dancing naked with them. Underneath the small talk lies “I am about to see you naked and you are about to see me naked.”

Have you ever danced naked in a room of complete strangers who just happen to naked too? No? Well maybe it’s time to add it to your dance card.

The dance: “Dance your naked truth”

A wildly passionate, sacred sensual, irresistibly joyful adventure, achieved through the practices of expressive flow yoga, ecstatic dance, and vocal journeys. Created by Cloe Jackson

The place: Brighton Beach, England

This is England. The same England as in…the land of tea and crumpets. Home to the queen, royal family, and fully clothed people. People dance naked here? Yes, they do.

Meet Cloe Jackson: Exotic creature, wild free spirit and naked yogi~dancer. As a child dance was always calling her, Training with Shiva Rea, 5 Rhythms and other heavy weight teachers of yoga and dance around the globe, she eventually created her own brand called the “Dancing Universe”, a community dedicated to coloring the world with love, laughter, liberation and every unique expression of the naked truth.

When I asked her how she came up with the idea to combine dance and nudity, she gave me her adorable “you silly girl, how can you separate them” look. Her own dance practice kept ending up with her naked in the garden, completely satiated and free. So she decided to bring her raw naked dance revolution to others.

I on the other hand have never full-on danced naked for an extended period of time or in a naked group before. Besides from busting out a lil boogie in the shower or shaking it in the process of getting dressed and un-dressed, I do not have an extensive naked dance history. This dance experience will cover lots of new territory… Gulp.

My hangup is not so much an emotional issue but a technical issue.

I am woman and I have breasts. Real breasts move and gravity is a real thing.

As I enter the class, questions are reeling in my head. How does one dance naked? Is it the same dance as clothed dance? Does the body move differently when it knows it’s exposed?

I take a deep breath. I set an intention to commit fully to the experience, stay out of my head, and to dance in my complete truth.

And now…show time:

As the class begins Cloe instructs us to put on 7 layers of clothing. The 7 layers we wear will be Representative of the 7 chakras. We will go through a journey to each chakra and remove a layer of clothing. The clothing stands for what is shadowing that chakra. Nice…I realize what we are really practicing is energetic nudity. Exactly what I asked for.

Chakra= A center of spiritual power in the human body.

We dance. Chakra by chakra we put our frustrations, confusion and angst into the pieces of clothing and then remove them. Removing the walls around that chakra and setting the dance free.

Layer by layer I am getting lighter and lighter internally and externally. By the 5th chakra I am running around the space like a rebellious teenager in complete gigglemania. Clad in my skivvies I am chereishing this moment of freedom. But we all know what comes next..The final layers! What to remove first? The bra or the panties? Both have their own issues…I choose the bra and immediately my dance starts to slow down. My breath becomes deeper and instantly I am dropping deeper and deeper into my truth. I can feel my raw self-emerging. It’s as if the clothing were layers of my personality covering up my true being.

I am really naked. And so is everyone else.

The moment the last layer comes off, the room shifts. Cloe has us looking into each other’s eyes and singing in harmony. Blending into each other, I am reminded of the very powerful Zulu greeting where two people begin to look deep into each other’s eyes. Once the moment of connection has been established one person says,“Sawubona” or “I am here to be seen“. The person recieving the greeting replies, “Sawun bona” or “I see you.” The Zulu people believe that when a person says, “I am her to be seen”, you are saying “this is the real me”, I will speak my truth. I am willing to be fully present in the moment with you, without editing and without defenses. “I see you”, is seeing the person as God created them. This greeting represents the Zulu philosophy of Unbuntu, which means “humanity to towards all.” This is where we have arrived.

Voices and figures surround me, the room is energeticly getting smaller more intimate. All I can see are shadowed beautiful bodies moving around each other in one big dance. Even though we come in all shapes and sizes, without our clothes we all look the same.  Perfect, in creation. We have danced out and removed the ego. The hang-ups, stories, and past are gone. The stereotypes, constructs and archetypes vanish. The wants, desires and doings disappear.  We have each come to be seen, and now have the ability to see.

Ubuntu- All that’s left is the Naked Truth.