The Dancing Universe invites you to....


Into a world of movement, music and expression!

What: Themed yoga, dance and creative expression sequences/classes/adventures/journeys to feed your imagination, get inspired, let go of negative emotions and limiting behaviour patterns. We use different yoga, movement, art, sound and writing practices, set to music to encourage free self expression.

This is for young children, teenagers, young adults and adults. This is for you if you want take hold of your own life with both hands, make the most of it, get clear on where you are going and to feel free.

Why: To express your emotions in a healthy way. To learn how to release anger, to express joy, make positive changes and life choices.

To enter a space where you discover how to deal with the physical, mental and emotional situations life throws at you/gives you/presents to you in an empowered, healthy, safe and loving way.

We get lost, heartbroken, confused, hurt, restricted by society, by other people's opinions, by traumatic experiences and this is such a heavy weight to carry around..we are not living fully or freely. Our potential is locked in a prison. We want to be set free. 

If you don't have safe and healthy ways to express yourself and all that you feel, it can come out in on ways that cause pain, damage and destruction to you and others.

We need to take responsibility for our emotions and our right to freely express them in ways that feel honest, respectful and liberating.

We need to take care of ourselves and each other.

We get stuck and we don't know how to shift our state of mind, our state of being-this process shows you how. This helps you to return back to yourself in ways that are fun, physical, creative and imaginative.

Let's ESCAPE and find our way home


The Dancing Universe would like to invite you to...



What: A wildly colourful, creatively expressive dance journey using the 7 colours of the rainbow to turn our bodies, each other and the dance floor into a work of art.

Why: To express our true colours, to see our dance in paint, to make a magical mess and have some untamed fun.

Dress Code: Clothes that can be destroyed


The Dancing Universe would like to invite you to....


Upside Down Fun

What: This class brings people together through the physical awareness and conscious breathing of yoga, the connection and magic of physical contact and the joy and freedom of embodied self-expression.

Sessions will be a mixture of group flow yoga, acrobatic balance and assisted inversions, partner yoga postures and sequences, partner flying and flying massage with a sprinkling of free-expressive movement.

The main theme of the class is to open to the freedom of relating to ourselves and connecting with others through play.  This simplicity frees us up to enjoy the wonders and delights of being alive in this body right now!

Why: These sessions invite you to play with the suggestion that to touch and to feel are the most natural experiences in the world, and lets you remember how safe and enjoyable the experience can be.The content and the structure of the class are created to challenge your balance, strength and flexibility.  Your partner and the group spirit will challenge your trust, communications skills and your capacity for laughter. 


The Dancing Universe would like to invite you to...


What: The simple pleasure of a Hoop, some music and you! This is a playful and fun way to exercise and express yourself!

Why: To invoke your inner child's joy, delight and exploration.


The Dancing Universe invites you to...


What: A creative exploration of drawing, music and movement to express the truth of who you are and what you feel.

Why: To discover what it feels like to be present, to listen and to witness the different rhythms and expressions of yourself and each other on the dance floor and on paper.