The purpose of The Dancing Universe is to create safe and sacred sanctuaries for you to express yourself freely and connect to your ultimate truth. It is an invitation to return to your natural state of untamed innocence and wildness. 


We break our events up into 5 movements: The Naked Truth, Move Your World, Healing, Escape and Untamed, all of which make up The Dancing Universe to serve its purpose. Within each movement there are many different practices and events which are all in support of each other, and all are connected with the intention of healing you, freeing you and liberating you... so please, explore, experience and enjoy whatever it is you are looking for.......

  • The Naked Truth ~ Invitations to shed your layers of limitation to reveal your ultimate truth
  • Move Your World ~ Invitations to explore your inner and outer landscape
  • Healing ~ Invitations to heal yourself and free yourself
  • Escape ~ Invitations to express Yourself Freely in healthy and creative ways
  • Untamed ~ Invitations to remember your wild and innocent existence.



Transformation * Liberation * Acceptance

The purpose of these practices is to remove your outer coverings that limit you, to experience yourself stripped back, without clothes, doubts, fears, repressed emotions, inhibitions or shame... just you and your beautiful naked soul. You are invited to accept and know yourself laid bare, in all your glory and to heal and celebrate every physical and emotional scar your life has left you with. They are spaces for you to dance with all that life is challenging you with and spaces to dance with all that life is gifting you with. The dance floors are divine and powerful places for you to transform your grief into gratitude and your pain into passion.

Each practice is deeply transformational, life-changingly liberating and soulfully healing. 

All of these are events are held in a completely safe and sacred space, a sanctuary for you to face your fears, heal your hurt, love yourself as the miracle you are and create a healthy relationship with yourself, your body and your life. This journey removes everything that gets between you and your naked truth, your soul purpose, your right to express yourself freely in this world.

If you are ready to celebrate your divinely human nature please join us to experience all that THE NAKED TRUTH has to offer you.

Read more about The Naked Truth core offering event details here



Exploration *  Unity * Clarity

The purpose of these practices is to explore your inner and outer landscape - they are your opportunity to peel away the layers that get between you and your untamed naked soul without even taking your clothes off. You are invited to remove all the lines of separation to experience the entire dancing universe moving and uniting as one.

If you are ready to discover the ways your universe dances as one, it is time to Move Your World. 

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Nourishment * Connection * Balance 

The purpose of these practices is to heal yourself and free yourself. This is where you can confront, face and gently transform your day to create more ease, balance and peace in your body and life.  

If you are ready for more space, clarity and inspiration in your life, please choose your journey of Healing.. 

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Creativity * Expression * Freedom 

 The purpose of these practices is to discover how to express yourself in healthy and creative ways - to shift your state of mind, your state of being. Return back to yourself in ways that are fun, physical, creative and imaginative ~ take hold of your own life with both hands, make the most of it, get clear on where you are going and to feel free.

If you are ready to express and free yourself in new and exciting ways, it is time to Escape....join us here.

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Innocence  * Wildness * Spaciousness 

The purpose of these practices is to remember your wild and innocent existence, to celebrate your true nature, to experience in a space of simplicity and spaciousness the adventure that is your life. These invitations are a reminder to bring the elements into your body and unleash yourself in nature! Life can be so delightful when you release your everyday constraints by exploring and dancing with the beauty around you. This is wild and free expression on nature's dance floor.

If you are ready for to be filled with awe, beauty and joy, please choose to join us in the offerings of Untamed.

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