The Naked Truth

When people hear the word naked, a multitude of images, preconceived ideas and fears come up like a reflex. 

People's perceptions of nakedness are based on many issues:

*An unhealthy relationship with your body

*An idea that to be naked is a terrible and unnatural thing to do

* Thoughts that your body is so unattractive, un-toned, scarred, out of shape and you could never let anyone else see it!

* Feelings that you won't be accepted as you are

* Beliefs that nakedness goes hand in hand with sex

*  Assumptions that groups of naked people must be a big orgy

*  Thinking that it will just be a torturous experience for you and everyone around you 

* Fears that other people will look at you and judge you and think all the same terrible things you do about yourself

* Apprehensions that someone will look at you, or touch you in a sexual way

We forget that being truly naked actually feels amazing and liberating!

Unfortunately in many places and spaces in the world (media, relationships, beaches) there are some sleazy disrespectful people, with hidden agendas ruining it for all of us. This then leads to us trying to prevent our bodies from being invaded and penetrated by unwanted glances and dirty desires by putting barriers up to feel safe and protect ourselves. 

I want to change this, as much as I can by creating safe and sacred spaces for you to discover, uncover and express your naked truth.

Please read the Rules Of Respect to gain a full understanding of the safety and sacredness of the space.

In general, the world tells us that we must wear clothes and that we should only take them off if we want to get changed, have a wash or have sex! If you take your clothes off outside of these guidelines, you are upsetting the balance of society, of being a civilized human being!! 

Posters and magazines make us believe that everyone out there is prettier, more muscular, more attractive and slimmer than us - no blemishes, no wobbly bits, no lines of life to be seen! No wonder we are all afraid of taking our clothes off when we don't look like that.

The world of social media makes it so hard for us to simply love ourselves as we are when we are being presented with a fake version of an ideal body which we don't have.

Can I tell you a secret...? You are more beautiful than that! You are more beautiful than any image you can imagine. You are real. You are perfect with all your imperfections. Everything else is superficial and doesn't actually exist... you do! Real human expression - love, pain, honesty, laughter, tears, sweat, success, mistakes, lessons, kindness, vulnerability -  is just beautiful!

This is the Naked Truth... just you as you are, that is it.

No preconceived ideas, no one else's viewpoints and restrictions imprinting on  your choices and expression, no judgement of your body or your past, just you as you are. 

Just you.

Without any of the heavy armour. Without any of the things in life that hold you back.

Just you. 

This is what The Dancing Universe is offering you - a safe and sacred sanctuary to experience your naked truth. 

To peel away all the layers that get between you and your naked truth.

To release your inhibitions, heal your hurt, and experience yourself as the miracle you are.

This is where you come to find your sanctuary, your escape, your purpose for being in times of challenge and in times of celebration. This is the place you can discover how to remove all the lines, barriers and prisons of limiting separation in your world, as you dance your naked truth in oneness with it all.

The truth is life puts us through a lot! 

Grief, Abuse, Depression, Guilt, Body Shame, Trauma, Heartbreak, Confusion

And we need to find ways to get through it and come out the other side. When we learn the lessons life challenges us with, when we take responsibility for all our reactions and emotions, when we turn towards it all, instead of running away, we grow, we learn, we find deeper connection and understanding with ourselves and the world around us. When we are able to dance in the transformative fire of naked truth with our vulnerability, our fears, our pain, we find the strength, the confidence, the belief, the knowing to liberate ourselves from the suffering. And trust me, it feels so good! Such a relief to remember what matters, to be able to accept every part of yourself, to find your way and know the truth.

It can be too easy to get stuck in the emotional turmoil, the feelings of pain, the thoughts of inadequacy and limiting beliefs and choose a path of destruction instead of a healthy healing path of freedom.

I want to share with you the many paths that have worked for me, every time. The paths of naked truth.

You must face it, feel it and heal it to be free of it!

The Dancing Universe is an invitation to colour the world with love, laughter, liberation and every unique expression of naked truth!

The Naked Truth serves you to strip away all the layers of limitation, of old wounds, misery, shame and suffering; breaking free of societies constraints to live a life in freedom, in joy, in your naked truth.

Every experience invites you to move from fear to liberation, to discover, experience and share your deepest desires. These are the things that excite you the most in life, that ignite a fire in your soul, the very reason you were born. This is your naked truth. This leads to a life of liberation; of living freely, honestly, wildly and innocently. This is your birth right.

The Dancing Universe accepts and celebrates you just as you are. This is where you can come to feel free!

The Dancing Universe helps you to create a practice and safe outlet you can turn to, so you don't feel scared any more, or locked in a prison with your emotions, a space where you can bring your feelings up to the surface and you are safe to be with how you feel. A sacred sanctuary where you can feel how you are really feeling, work through the stuff that is painful and release it. This is where you get to turn down the voices of society, frustrating arrogant bosses and screaming kids and turn up the volume on your happiness, your passions and whatever it is that makes you feel grateful to be alive!

We do not have to take off our clothes to connect with our naked truth

The Dancing Universe offers you other ways to access it, but this practice is so direct, so instant, so surprisingly natural that it has an immediate affect.

You can attend The Naked Truth events and keep all of your clothes on, that is totally ok. The choice is always yours. If your Naked Truth is to keep some, or all of your clothes on, then let it be so. 

"Dance Your Naked Truth is a wonderful, wild, heart warming experience. It amazes me how each one is different and yet the quality of open, expansive tribal celebration remains the same. Cloe creates a very safe space for people to let go of what holds them back from being their true self. A rare combination of humanity and divinity accepted as one,"

Through releasing the blocks of emotion and layers of protection, we can heal our trauma that holds us back on life and stop hiding our unique, awesome nature to feel wild and free. 

Sometimes we fear our greatness because we are afraid we can't live up to it - our actions, words, will not be enough. We feel overwhelmed by our brightness. It seems easier to believe the voice that tells us to stay small - "this is not your path". Guess what... it is!

Let me be your navigator on this voyage towards your soul

Along the way we'll shed and leave our emotions behind - dissolving the layers, riding the waves, feeling the salty water heal our wounds as our joy becomes louder. Our limbs and our expression begin to feel free, our hearts begins to dance in recognition of its true calling, the voice gets clear and is heard and we reach our final destination, the soul, as it gets to dance with us and we experience our naked truth.

The soul is free...

The soul cannot be contained or imprisoned by anyone or anything, we just think it can. It is untamed, untouchable and infinite. It is pristine.

Let's peel away the layers that prevent you from living in the pure freedom of your soul.

Discover its purpose, its full expression, it's undeniable knowing, its presence, it's divinity, it's sacred dialogue with you. The body is where you live and die; it is the soul that carries the true meaning of life. It is infinite. Your naked soul is infinite.


The Dancing Universe

Transparent Divinity Untamed

The Dancing Universe is about dancing with all that is in here, with all that is out there... that when faced with emotional challenge, when your ego is triggered into a negative thought spiral, you have an outlet to cope with it; a space to remember that you have the strength and wisdom to go through it. This is your sanctuary, where your dance can hold, transform and integrate it all.

I encourage you to fall in love with yourself, and recognise the beauty in everything you see, to release illusion to create a brighter, healthier reality and live a more inspired life in the moment.

I want you to feel safe, to be untamed ~ naked as the day you were born. To return to innocence and your ultimate freedom of expression.

I want to create something really pure and full of goodness in a world that takes great care of others and honours our wildest deepest truth.

The Dancing Universe offers a way of life that exists outside of the matrix

It focuses on freedom and liberation from the conventional system and to break free of the chains that society puts upon us. We are wild and untamed, we have the birthright to express ourselves freely.

Come and experience it for yourself...

Who are you stripped naked of all those heavy thoughts and limitations?

What does it feel like to be fully wild, unleashed, unexpressed and free from societies rules and restrictions and fear full illusions?

I understand you may feel apprehensive and anxious, that this is totally out of your comfort zone, and there are voices telling you, you couldn't possibly do this....

All I can say is, if you do show up for yourself in this way, miracles will happen.

Come and experience how if feels to dance away all the layers that get between you and your soul's full expression: the suppressed emotions that we fear and try to keep locked up within, the discomfort and shame of the way you view your body.

You are so beautiful, so vital, you really matter, your life matters, you are utterly divine, you are a miracle, your existence makes a difference to this world and you came here to be exactly as you are, your naked truth. Shed all these layers and remember and reconnect to your naked truth. Find the strength and the confidence to be that in this world, in your world, be an inspiration to yourself, to your family and your friends.

Lets set new standards of liberated living and invite the whole world to dance their naked truth.