Sick of Sexual Messiness and The Sunday Times

I was recently approached by a journalist from The Sunday Times, who was writing an article on the evolution of festival culture. She asked if I would speak honestly and openly about how mainstream festivals were featuring events that embrace sexuality and the exploration of sexual energy.

At first I was hesitant to participate - my work is not about bringing sexual energy to festivals; quite the opposite in fact. 

Coincidentally, the article was being written at the same time as my Rules of Respect - having just completed a guide to respecting a Sacred Space and what to do if sexual energy arises. 

Read the Rules of Respect

After a few hours of consideration, I decided that as long as I clearly state what my work is and, more importantly, what my work isn't, it could be a great opportunity to express the purpose of my work to more of the world, and to highlight the transformational affect it has on people at festivals (or anywhere else I offer it).

All the valuable, wise, integrated knowledge and experience I shared with the journalist would have made a phenomenal article. It could have opened people's eyes to the truth; to a healthy and life-changing way to connect with themselves; one that takes care of them and everyone around them - a way of life that encourages freedom of expression with integrity, innocence and wildness... The good stuff!

Unfortunately, the journalist had a different agenda...

As I turned the pages to examine the final edit, there... laying in the print... were totally manipulated words. My work had been caught up in a web of illusion, lies and sexual messiness. Exactly what I strive to break free from.

All the valuable knowledge was nowhere to be seen and my words of expertise had been edited and taken out of context. She even added inaccurate descriptions to fit the theme of her article! 

My work was presented in a way that tainted its very purpose.

I was squeezed into a limiting world of shallow, soulless sex seekers - the very ones that I am trying to save people from. I was hoping I could be the voice of truth, showing people another way to feel whole and beautiful, liberated and alive; but what it lead to was a twisted, fearful, false story. 

The TRUTH will ALWAYS remain more fascinating, more captivating, more inviting and more fulfilling to me.

The Sunday Times - 19 June 2016

So, Sunday Times Journalist, here are a few more words for you; Interpret them how you wish...

My words were manipulated to to fit the context of your article....what you speak about and the light in which you talk about it, is NOT what I offer. People like you are the reason why I have created a pure and sacred work  - an outlet for people to heal the wounds that lies have caused and to move away from tainted sexual messiness.

I thought you understood what I offered, but the honest truth is that the purpose of my work did not match the purpose of your article. The right thing for you to do would have been to write about someone that actually did feature events embracing sexuality and the exploration of sexual energy, instead of twisting and tainting mine.

I am so passionate about what I offer and the safe and sacred spaces I create for innocent and wild expression, and I am fiercely protective of it, like a mother would be to a child. My role is to heal, transform and liberate people; to take care of them. My work is the complete opposite of a "baccanal", and to compare it to one, and put that message out to the world, is offensive to me.


I can let this article wash over me, after all it is just one paragraph within the article, but I must draw attention to the fact that this is happening everywhere! This is a manipulation of truth. It spreads a message of dishonesty, of having a messed up agenda, of sexing life up, to draw people in...

The TRUTH is passionate, beautiful, hot, raw, accepting, painful, loving, fiery, compassionate and real.

Why are we all lying to each other? Why are we presenting a fake version of the real world / of reality / of the real you... of your real intention or agenda?

This article has been a powerful reminder for me that the world needs the truth. It needs to be free of manipulative messiness and I need to move forwards, even more devotedly, to what I believe in. I have been shown yet again that the work of The Dancing Universe is so necessary right now!

I can not stand tainted sexual messiness. I do not like all this neo tantra stuff - from what I have seen and experienced, it is mostly just an unsafe container to have sex and orgasms and for predators to find their prey. So many people in this world are damaged from an alluded perception of sexual energy; of nakedness; of power; of letting it all be taken, controlled, drained, disrespected and abused. I will not stand for it. I feel a lot of practices feed into the wounded parts of people and spread destruction and disrespect among themselves and others. 

So just to be clear, for the sake of The Sunday Times and anyone else that often wonders about what happens at some of my optional clothing events, The Dancing Universe events are not a place to engage in sexual activity, no matter who it is with. This kind of behaviour cuts through the pure intentions of why it was birthed it the first place.

My work takes care of people. 

It heals, honours and liberates people. It creates spaces and practices that empower and respect everyone. It is fueled by love, kindness and freedom.

I am passionate about creating spaces where you don't need to put up barriers of protection against other people. Spaces where you are not fearful of your safety, personal space or boundaries being disrespected, or putting up walls to keep away unwanted attention, come-ons or flirtation.

If you have to put up barriers to protect yourself, where is the freedom in that?

To me, freedom is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other. It makes such a difference when we are kind to each other, when we take real good care of each other. 

With a safe space, love and support and the gift of freedom your true expression has the ideal environment to reveal itself!

  • This is NOT a space to turn up with a sexual agenda or goal.
  • This IS a space for wholesome real divine truth.
  • This does not play into the palms of greed, power, manipulation and false pretenses - this is REAL LIFE.
  • This is about how your actions affect others. This is about having integrity, about feeling good and being in alignment with your thought, words, choices and actions.

When we remove the messy lines of sexual agenda and focus on creating a safe and sacred space of integrity and kindness, this is when the real truth of being here; of being human; of being divine runs free.

So THANK YOU, Sunday Times Journalist, for the unexpected reminder that I choose to live in TRUTH over illusion ANY DAY, and bring magic, love, kindness and true liberation to this world.