Break Free

BREAK FREE Of societies constraints, illusions and limitations!

They want you to assume everything is a certain way, so you don't think or feel or choose for yourself. They want to control you, take away your power, your freedom, your voice of truth and your right to express yourself.

They want to burst your bubble, to steal your innocence, dull your brightness, laugh at your uniqueness, stamp on your passions, challenge your beliefs, make life seem so hard by putting obstacles, red tape and tough rules in your way. They want you to be a certain way, to see the world as they want you to see it and only the bits that they show you... not the full picture.


They are trying to imprison you in a FREE WORLD....!

The Dancing Universe wants to help you BREAK FREE!!

To dance naked in nature, to follow your dreams, to listen to your impulses and intuition, to honour every desire of your heart, to take great care of yourself each other, the planet and its animals, to love yourself as you are, to adore your wobbly bits, to celebrate your scars and to learn your life lessons.

The Dancing Universe is here to counterbalance the messed up society of greed, power and control with innocence, wildness, kindness, freedom, creativity, truth and liberation.

You are unique, you are brilliant, you are vital, you matter!

You are one of a kind.

Let's combat separation and greed by coming together... all unique humans coming together.

Come to The Dancing Universe to discover who you truly are beyond all the voices of society, to feel, dance, breath, listen to your true calling, your true nature.

Don't let them dull your brightness, your individuality. We need you just as you are.

The Dancing Universe welcomes you, wants to meet YOU, the real you, stripped back, standing and living in your truth, in all your glory.

We are ready for you....

Don't let them take away your opportunities for growth, transformation, happiness..

Don't let them tame you or hide you from you! Don't let them hide the vast truth of the world from you! Don't let them be your voice, your mind, your thoughts... don't let them infiltrate you through the news, TV and scare tactics.

You were born wild, free, loved and whole...

You are still this.

Come and shed all those heavy and suffocating layers of limitations. Free yourself from all those voices saying "you aren't good enough" (including your own), all those doubts "it won't ever happen"; "you need a house, a marriage, children... that life has to look like this in order to live happily ever after"

NO... it doesn't!

Who cares what it looks like...


And then create that.

It all starts with you.

The Dancing Universe is a community... to support you on your journey of unapologetic, untamed, uninhibited expression..


Join our community to SET THE STANDARDS of liberation of living freely, honestly, wildly and innocently.