You are ALREADY amazing!!! Don't let them tame YOU!

You are ALREADY amazing!!! Don't let them tame YOU!

I just watched an advert inviting people to "make yourself amazing" with cosmetic surgery. What is going on in this world!? We all are already amazing, we were born amazing! Media and society are ruining peoples perception of themselves. Oh my god, if you only you knew the absolute miracle that you are, the astounding way your body was created, breathes, moves and stays alive, so you can be here!

Every step of your journey, every scar, every tear shed, every heartbreak, every personal mountain you climbed, all make you unique and make you perfectly you.

Your life experiences are etched into your skin, your heart and your soul.   

Your body is your masterpiece, your vessel that carries you through life, this is where you live, this keeps you safe, this needs to be taken care of, needs to be celebrated and enjoyed, this gives you the freedom to express and to live your dreams.

This beautiful body lets you have this experience of being human, of knowing what it feels like to breath fresh air, to laugh, to wrap your arms around another beautiful body, to be touched and tasted, to kiss and to dance, to feel waves lapping against your legs and the sun shining on your skin. We are so blessed to have the means to experience such things.

So let's place our focus and our energy on why we are here, and appreciate and be awed by this body, this breath, this life, this opportunity to live. To accept ourselves as we are.

You are already amazing!!

This is your life, your chance, your turn, your gift to be here as you are and you are fucking amazing!!!! Stop trying to be someone else someone that doesn't exist. Stop wasting time and energy trying to change what is already perfect, instead pour your energy into loving yourself into loving what is, you are naturally beautiful.

We are not all here to look the same to act the same, to be sculpted and moulded into some ideal human form we're here to have real life experiences in order to discover who we truly are and to find the courage to be that in this world among all the challenges, the lessons, every moment is a revelation and a celebration you are here because you are unique, so don't let them tame you.!

Now, who wants to come and dance naked in the woods???