Turning PAIN into PLEASURE


What do you do, when you feel wounded, broken and lost beyond recognition??? When what you really want to feel is happy and free?

How do you get from being a mess of tears and tortured thoughts in a heap on the bathroom floor to feeling ecstatically joyful, or simply just able to cope with life?

Or from the unbearable pain of losing someone you love to feeling a bit more space and ease of understanding and acceptance in the great mystery of life?

When faced with that feeling of discomfort, in my own body, in my life, when I feel every part of me start to contract, to get defensive and feel rejected and abandoned, when my pain, my primal childhood wounds get triggered and exposed, I dance, I dance in the open wounds in every fear, doubt and insecurity I've ever had and stay open to the feelings that arise, I didn't resist them, and I discover the depth of my strength and the power of my capacity to feel, and how that willingness to be with it all can transform, where the suffering becomes wisdom and the illusion turns into truth, I am an alchemist, I literally take all the emotions to the dance floor, give them the space to be expressed and become something else, I return to a pristine raw space of ultimate truth and deep knowing in myself, It heals me, it holds me, it reminds me who I am, why I am here and I am grateful for the deep wounds that take me into the pit of darkness because otherwise I would forget, forget how vulnerable, how human, how divine I am, it leaves me in total awe of how innocent and how wild we all are. It leaves me inspired to be here having this very human experience to always be fascinating be every step of the journey!

And I've discovered underneath all the layers of emotion, there is nothing but pure innocent untamed fearless love.

So I invite you to bring your pain, bring your suffering, bring your anxiety, bring your fears, bring your tears, bring your joy, bring your vulnerability, bring your wildness, bring your desire to find clarity and purpose in your life and use it as fuel to dance .