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  • The Henley Yoga Studio 2A Friday Street Henley-on-Thames, RG9 1AH United Kingdom (map)

Guided by Cloe Jackson
with the sacred sounds of Michelle Crozier

Where: The Henley Yoga Studio
2a Friday Street, Henley On Thames

When: Saturday 21st November 2-5pm

What: An explorative afternoon of yoga, music, movement and visioning. 

We will begin with a creative mediation to live music. The journey continues through some Expressive Flow Yoga sequences, which will inspire you to play on the harmonious edge of structure and spontaneity, to open new pathways and possibilities for yourself. This class is set to a variety of music genres that invite you to rhythmically explore the power and juicy delights of your body. This leads us into a live Sound healing to ignite and integrate ourselves and our dreams. We will then finish with some deep and sweet stretches before being swept away be the stunning and heart opening voice of Michelle, as we lay back and relax .

Why: To encourage inner connection, acceptance, spontaneous movement, freedom and surrender.

Exchange: £40
Please get in touch to BOOK YOUR SPACE
Tickets are non refundable or transferable


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Phone: 07884230738


I came from the structure of dance. I used to be taught, shown, someone else telling my body how it should move to fit in with everyone
else. Believe me, I loved my dance classes. 
It was a perfect ignition for my passion. I entered the professional dance world I realised it was very competitive and you
had to fit a mould. I didn't fit a mould. 
When on my travels in Thailand at a full moon party, I danced as the sun was rising and OH MY GOD there was the dance. With no-one else
imprinting on it. No-one else's rules or structure. Just freedom of expression. 

Here is the bit that matters the most, I care about you and you right to freely express yourself. I care
about how we treat ourselves and each other and I am fiercely protective of innocence in humans and animals.

I created The Dancing Universe is an invitation to colour the world with love, laughter, liberation and every unique expression of naked truth.

The Dancing Universe is an array of dance, yoga and creative expression practices to invite you to move from fear to liberation. The invitation is to shed your layers of limitation, release your inhibitions, heal your hurt and reclaim your wildness and your innocence. The Dancing Universe offers, events, retreats and online programmes to dive into the freedom and truth of your untamed naked soul. 

Everything I offer is my own tried and tested practice and I want to share it with you.

About Michelle

The incredible sacred sounds of Michelle can be found here
Stay connected with her musical offerings here

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