I came from the structure of dance. I used to be taught, shown, someone else telling my body how it should move to fit in with everyone else. Believe me, I loved my dance classes.

It was a perfect ignition for my passion. Then...as I entered the professional dance world I realised it was very competitive and you had to fit a mould. 


When on my travels in Thailand at a full moon party, I danced as the sun was rising and OH MY GOD there was the dance. With no-one else imprinting on it. No-one else's rules or structure. Just freedom of expression.

Here is the bit that matters the most, I care about you and you right to freely express yourself. I care about how we treat ourselves and each other and I am fiercely protective of innocence in humans and animals.

Everything I offer is my own tried and tested practice and I want to share it with you.

This is the making and shaping of me and my life's work.


Member of Essex Dance Theatre 1992-2000

Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training 2004

Yoga Meets Dance Teacher Training 2006

Prana Flow Yoga Teacher Training and Assisting Shiva Rea 2008-2012

ZenThai Shiatsu Massage Training 2009

Creator of The Dancing Universe™ 2012

Yoga For Autism and Special Needs 2017